Crowphet live2d rigging

Commissions open for January

Welcome to my little corner of the internet!I am Crowphet, Live2D rigger/animator and here you can see my personal work as well as commissions.
If you're interested in getting work done check my TOS and don't be afraid to contact me.

Terms of service

I. GENERAL TERMSPrice includes commercial rights to the rigging, as long as the artist has consented to it.
The original price will only include the fully rigged character/animation, the Live2D Cubism files are sold separately at 100% of the base price.
I am only rigging and not drawing. To work properly I need rig ready art. If the art is not rig ready I am still capable of working with it but the end result may not be ideal. Rig ready art is a term commonly used on the live2d circle and if you're not sure about the art's readiness, there are lots of resources online on how to properly cut them.
I am capable and willing of rigging any kind of art, including: Furry, Mecha, NSFW, objects, even buildings if you want.
I will learn how to rig/animate whatever you want at no additional price, even if I have not done it before. Please note that the timeframe may increase during these scenarios.
Anywhere you use my rigs/animations credit must be given for the work done.II. PAYMENTI am open for payment in plans, but the commission will not be fully given to the client until the work has been paid in full.
I will accept any currency but USD/UYU are preferred.
III. PROCESSThe timeframe for the given work will be given depending on the specifics of the work and it's progress will be tracked on my Trello.
All timeframes are estimates and it may take more or less depending on the workload, inconvencienes, revisions, etc. that may occur.
IV. COSTUMER SATISFACTIONI don't mind making a million small reiterations of the rig until the costumer is satisfied with the work, but big changes to the art or the rigging will come at an extra price. Big changes include but are not exclusive to hairstyle changes, outfit changes, character changes, background changes, etc.
Rush orders are first come first serve so they may not always be available.


Every rig has these

Five simple expressions: Do you have heart eyes? A question mark? A funny meme shows up on your forehead? As long as you have the art for it I will add 5 of them for free!Unlimited revisions within timeframe: I'll keep working on your rig until you feel it's complete within two weeks of the work being given to the you (the client). Revisions after this period will be charged extra.One idle animation: This animation is outside of breathing. Do you want your ears to twitch? Do you have a weird eyebrow wiggle? Shake of your glasses? I'll do anything you want! (The idle animation loop will be a maximum of a minute long.)

Things to keep in mind

I am a rigger, not an artist. You must have a live2d ready psd file for me to work with.
I am open to working with your artist to help make the finished rig better, but this will come at an extra charge.
All prices are estimates and may change according to the needs of each specific rig.
I will work with any type of art, example: furry, mecha, NSFW, etc.
I'm open for payment plans.
What you pay for is the files to use the completed work, the files containing my original work are sold separately at 100% the price.

Starting prices

  • Chibi Style // $200-300 USD

  • Detailed Style // $500-1000 USD

Chibi art rigging

These rigs are simple and quickly done. Think for chibi art and the like.
Delivery 2-5 days from start.
Starting prices.
Standard: $200 USD
Premium: $300 USD

Live2D ParameterStandardPremium
Head XY
Head Z
Body X
Body Y
Body Z
Arms Movement
Legs Movement
Hips Movement
Eye Movement
Mouth Movement
Mouth X / Tongue* / Puffcheeks
Hair Physics
Clothes Physics
Eyes Physics
General Physics
Idle Animation
Included up to 3 Simple Expressions
  • At this level Mouth X, Tongue, Eye Physics and other additions may add to the price if they're requested.

  • One free idle animation.

  • Unlimited free simple expressions that require a simple addition of an art asset with minimal rigging, as long as you have the art for them.

  • Within two weeks of the finished work being given you will have an unlimited amount of revisions and fixes

Detailed art rigging

These are full rigs, I will do my utmost to bring your characters to life. No holds barred on possibilities, the sky's the limit!
Delivery 15-30 days from start.
Base prices
Head only: $500 USD
Half body: $700 USD
Full body: $1000 USD

Live2D ParameterHead OnlyHalf BodyFull Body
Head XY
Head Z
Body XY
Body Z
Arms Movement
Legs Movement
Hips Movement
Eye Movement
Mouth Movement
Mouth X/Tongue/Puffcheek*
Hair Physics
Clothes Physics
Eyes Physics
General Physics
Idle Animation*
Simple Expressions*
ExtrasPrice (in USD)
VBridger Mouth100
Simple Expression10
Complex Expression20
  • Mouth X/ Tongue/ Puffcheeks are only available to iphone users. If you're using an iphone for tracking please let me know. MouthX and Cheekpuff have been added through the nvidia update. If you have an Nvidia RTX card let me know.

  • 1 free idle animation. This must be requested.

  • 5 free simple expressions that require a simple addition of an art asset with minimal rigging, as long as you have the art for them.

  • For the first two weeks after the work is completed revisions will be free. After the 2 week grace period revisions will cost per time spent on them.

This is a quote and the final price may be different.